Version of Tor Browser compatible with macOS 10.11

hi folks, Im new here. IDK if this is the right place to ask but I’m looking for what version of Tor will work with Mac OS 10.11?

I tried this page
but found either the versions I downloaded said they were not compatible with my mac or they didn’t work at all. One was not even in English.

I had tor running before but it just quit. Maybe it updated by itself and I got the start icon with the line through it you know? saying this version requires 10.12 or higher.

Also whats the difference between Tor browser and Onion browser?

thanks for your help… with the way things are going in the world, Tor may be our last stand.

hi @M223, seems your operating system is quite old and already outdated (EoL): macOS version history - Wikipedia

You should consider updating it to a more recent version…

The Tor Browser is build for multiple different desktop systems and the Onion Browser is intended for mobile devices running iOS.


The version of Firefox ESR (91.3.0) on which Tor Browser 11 is based requires macOS 10.12 or above, so you would not be able to update to Tor Browser 11 without first upgrading your version of macOS.

The latest version of Tor Browser that will work with macOS 10.11 is Tor Browser 10.5.10, which you can download from the archive. But I would not recommend using a outdated version of Tor Browser as you would be missing out on important security updates and other updates in general.

While there’s no official Tor Browser for iOS, we recommend Onion Browser, which is open source, uses Tor routing, and is developed by someone who works closely with the Tor Project. However, Apple requires browsers on iOS to use something called Webkit, which prevents Onion Browser from having the same privacy protections as Tor Browser.


thanks, I’ll give this one a try. I can’t really upgrade my OS because I have lots of software that will not run on newer OS.

ok so 10.5 is running but the language is in Arabic. Anyway to change that?

You have to download and install this file: TorBrowser-10.5.10-osx64_en-US.dmg


oh thank you. I was wondering why all the tabs were on the right… because in Arabic they read from right to left. This looks much better thanks!

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You allowed me to have the last version compatible with MacOs 10.11, I thank you.
Thanks to the archives, version 10.5.5 is not usable under El Capitan. Too bad you can’t access archives from the main Tor site. :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s a shame that Tor Browser’s automatic update doesn’t take the OS version into account, because restarting the software with an incompatibility warning is pretty damn stressful. If there was a checkbox to stop searching for updates, that would be nice.
Merci, Cordialement. :wave:

Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for. I agree with Bertie, it would be nice if Tor Browser wasn’t updating to an incompatible version. Only way to stop it is to deactivate automatic updates…

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