Proposal: French: Do not translate the word "bridge"


I was surely not talking about changing terminology, rather about choosing the right words in our language, and specifically when “bridge” can be translated to “pont” but should be kept as “bridge” (ie. not translated).

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Yes, this is one example of the kind of decisions we are talking about:

French: the word bridges should stay in English and not be translated.

(why should it be kept as bridge?)

Today we will talk about this during the Localization Hangout, and we can start with some words to test the process.

I’m not sure, but I know this was discussed a lot some years ago, that technical terms should not be translated as they have been chosen as words with another meaning than the original meaning (a tor bridge is not going over the river), and if we translate “bridge” we should also translate “tor” (meh) and “firefox” and all the things we keep original version because we don’t know how to translate and they make no sense to translate.
Also, most of the community uses english, and it’s much easier to search for documentation when you already know the technical words, such as bridge, onion, guard node or whatever. If I knew “pont”, “oignon”, “nœud de garde”, it would be much harder!
On the other hand, I don’t know why english is always chosen as the default and i’m not sure i like it, but that’s how it is. And I don’t think french would be better suited at all.

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I fully agree with gagz!