WhatsApp Unreliable with Orbot

I’m using the:

  • latest version of CalyxOS
  • latest version of Orbot for Android from F-Droid via the Guradian Project’s repo

It looks like WhatsApp doesn’t like some exit nodes. It’ll frequently act as if it can’t connect, even though Orbot has established a connection. This is usually (but not always) fixed by restarting the connection to Orbot. Force quitting the app does not remediate the problem.

Other notes related to setup:

  • Firewall set to only allow “VPN” (Orbot) and mobile data for WhatsApp (curiously enough, this issue wasn’t present until after I enabled this firewall restriction, so my guess is that WhatsApp was able to bypass Orbot, because the Orbot “VPN” isn’t in lockdown mode via system settings)

Unfortunately the problem is still present and I’d appreciate some help :slight_smile: