What happened to the older Tor bridges and what newer bridges are in the works that haven't been announced publicly?

What happened to the older pluggable transports, such as flashproxy, fte and scramblesuit?
And are there any new bridges that haven’t been announced publicly yet that I can try out?


What happened exactly I don’t know, I was not on the “Tor mood” yet :grin: but now obfs4 is mainly used on bridges as pluggable transport, and Snowflake can be used too.

You can have technical details here => https://github.com/Yawning/obfs4/blob/master/doc/obfs4-spec.txt

I suppose that old pluggable transports like obfs3 or flashproxy are now outdated and end of life

It’s as @Cryptux said, flashproxy, fte, and scramblesuit are no longer maintained. There are still a few bridges floating around that support older pluggable transports, but in general they don’t offer any advantages over the transports that are currently in popular use.

As far as new kinds of transports, webtunnel and conjure are the two newest that you can currently try.