Websites blocking Tor

Would it be possible to add some type of “bridge” as last hop?

Many websites seems to be able to recognize TOR exits and, subsequently, block the connection.


If you just need to view the website you can use Wayback Machine or [Onion].
Beside that, some SearXNG & SearX instances include MortyProxy, for example []'s MortyProxy is [].


Interesting idea.

I think it it’s either possible right now, or very close to it. You can already configure what relays Tor chooses by editing the torrc file of your client. For the exit relay I believe there is an option to make the relay not announce itself.

However, I think that non-public exit relays are much less private because only those who know about it can use it.
If you don’t care about anonymity too much, you can consider a VPN instead (at least for such websites).

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Ok, thanks for suggestions.

Unfortunately, the TOR blocking websites are often also able to block VPN exits.
And, unless You pay with crypto currency/cash money, You leave a money trail.
(Duckduckgo might offer some privacy).

But it would be nice if TOR could circumvent this type of censorship.

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Many websites can easily block Tor because the IP of the exit node is disclosed. The real form of unpublished exit nodes is: exit+non-tor nodes, since non-tor nodes are not disclosed, websites cannot block such exit nodes. This form of exit node is very easy to implement, it requires two different IP addresses, Exit (IP1) → non-tor node (IP2) → website.


Interesting, is it implemented already - i.e. can a user of TOR Browser choose this type of exit node as of now?

Currently, I don’t find an option for this purpose in Tor Browser. A very poor alternative is that we manually write this type of exit nodes into the browser’s torrc file (ExitNodes fingerprint1, fingerprint2)

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I think what @everydayisok suggests is something like a VPN / SOCKS proxy that you connect to through Tor.

Although I don’t think that is easy to set up the stock Tor Browser to work like this, you’d need to use a different browser, and set up the VPN and the Tor client.

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Ok, thank You all for Your input.

As an average user, I would not mess with the TOR Browser - it could easily breach anonymity and/or privacy.

I guess we have to wait, for the TOR developers to come up with some smart solution.

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What is the purpose of publishing all the exit nodes ip addresses ? In this way anyone can block navigation of tor user very easily

Not publishing a node makes it inaccessible for Tor users.

they can do that cause we have website tor page who shows all types relays info.

look here →

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many websites can block outside ips cause they can think you trying attack. Even with real ips this can happen.

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