[tor-project] Joydeep's Monthly Status Report for December 2022

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

Here are my updates from December. I resolved 1120 tickets via email and
203 tickets on our telegram/signal user support channel. With Tor
Browser 12 release, I, along with @nina13, finished reviewing and
updating[1] all of our internal support documentation, including all
articles and templates we have on our Request Tracker and cdr.link
support channels. I was also involved with some testing before the
release. Post-release we got a few reports about false positives with
anti-virus software[2] on updating to Tor Browser 12 and issue with
rearranging bookmarks in Tor Browser with drag and drop not working[3].
All of these issues have been resolved with the 12.0.1 Tor Browser

We discovered a issue[4] regarding sending emails from our email
ticketing system (Request Tracker) but a big shout-out to anarcat and
TPA for resolving the issue and also writing a script to resend all
the emails from the affected time span.

Continuing my work supporting users in Iran[5], I resolved around 180
tickets across our support channels.

Now, a quick overview of our user support channels:

Timeline: 01 - 31 December 2022

# Frontdesk

tickets created: 936
tickets resolved: 1442

Most frequent tickets by numbers:

1. 45 RT Tickets - Private Bridge requests from China[6]

2. 40 RT Tickets - How to use a Tor Bridge in Russia[7]

3. 12 RT Tickets - Anti-virus false positives with Tor Browser 12[2]

# Telegram and Signal Support channel (cdr.link)

tickets resolved: 751

The most frequent tickets we received have been about:

1. 272 tickets: Circumventing censorship in Russia

2. 173 tickets: Circumventing censorship in Iran

3. 85 tickets: Circumventing censorship in Turkmenistan

4. 16 tickets - Using unlisted obfs4 bridges in China

# Tor Forum

Most popular topics in the Support category (in terms of number of views):

1. "Image load error (HTTP/2 403 Forbidden) on some websites (with Tor
Browser)" [8]

2. "Newbie: snowflake abuse by local government?"[9]

3. "Websites blocking Tor"[10]

4. "Unable to run Tor Browser 12 for Linux after updating"[11]

5. "Problems with mega.nz (post Tor Browser 12 update)"[12]


-- Joydeep

[1]: Prepare documentation for the Tor Browser 12 release (#40096) · Issues · The Tor Project / Community / Support · GitLab
[2]: Norton 360 Antivirus now considers Tor Browser as a Trojan and removes it from a computer - 1st noticed Dec 9, 2022
[3]: Regression: rearranging bookmarks / place items by drag & drop doesn't work anymore (#41520) · Issues · The Tor Project / Applications / Tor Browser · GitLab
[4]: Gmail delivery issue on frontdesk@tpo (#41016) · Issues · The Tor Project / TPA / TPA team · GitLab
[5]: Iran: Circumventing Censorship with Tor
[6]: How to circumvent the Great Firewall and connect to Tor from China? | Tor Project | Support
[7]: Tor blocked in Russia: how to circumvent censorship
[8]: Image load error (HTTP/2 403 Forbidden) on some websites
[9]: Newbie: snowflake abuse by local government?
[10]: Websites blocking Tor
[11]: Unable to run Tor-Browser 12 for Linux after updating
[12]: Problems with mega.nz


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