Unable to connect to Alpha

I am unable to login into tor browser alpha on my Android phone It gets connected to about 10% and then after that, it says retry conjure registration station is under high load. This never happened before . I am attaching a picture of the log so that it is helpful

Hi, the signaling channel used by Conjure seems to be broken in the same way Snowflake and Moat are. The bridge line used by Conjure should contain front=cdn.sstatic.net. You can replace that by front=foursquare.com or front=github.githubassets.com, keeping the rest unchanged, and it should hopefully start working again.

See also this thread for Snowflake:

And this one for Moat:


Ok I used the GitHub address and we connected

I am having a similar issue on snowflake on my iPhone

I don’t have an iPhone to verify, but assuming it’s similar to Android. You can either choose the Snowflake variant that use AMP instead of Fastly if that’s a thing, or select “custom bridge” and use one of the bridge lines in the thread I linked above.

I used the two bridge addresses that you sent me But it didn’t work

it seems it’s still trying to connect to cdn.sstatic.net for some reason. Have you tried stopping the app and relaunching it?

So here is what I learnt

In android
Tor alpha
I used the GitHub link and it started to work

On ios
Only direct connection works
The others including all the bridges etc do not work
So I chose custom bridges and used the conjure bridge and it was super fast . It keeps switching up addresses

The tor log says giving up, but it is connected
I don’t understand that and when will they fix the snowflake errors any idea ?

Using a custom bridge to connect

conjure url=https://registration.refraction.network.global.prod.fastly.net/api front=github.githubassets.com

Still connected.

Works with github! Love you :heart: