Tor proxy settings unsafe?

The Tor browser has an option to connect to a proxy server prior to establishing the Tor Circuit.
It’s called, “I use a proxy to connect to the Internet”.

Is it true that this Proxy would be able to see the entire traffic that occurs inside Tor or does it just see the IP of the entry guard?

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Hi @alpha :slight_smile:

The proxy will connect to the IP of the bridge/entry guard

This question was considered back in February, please check the forum post here:

Thanks for reaching out to the Tor Project Forum.


Hello, thank you for the reply and link.

Ah I see, so it really just connects to the entry guard and the encryption would still be active until packets reach the user.

But still, are you sure it wouldn’t be possible for the operator of this proxy to inspect packets?


I just want to make sure that this Proxy that connects to the entry guard can’t actually see any of the traffic.

Here’s how I understand it: User > Proxy > guard node > middle node > exit node

Traffic is encrypted at the exit node stage, then one layer is decrypted at the middle node and it’s fully decrypted after passing through the guard node, meaning the proxy server would be able to see unencrypted tor traffic before it reaches the user, correct?