How "I use a proxy to connect to the Internet" works

Hi, how the option above works? How is the proxy chain?
Proxy > Tor or Tor > Proxy.
Also, the proxy must be an HTTPS one? I’m wondering how a HTTP only proxy could be chained to a SOCKS5 one (Tor)

If you mean the option in the tor browser network-settings then it is Proxy → Tor. My internet connection requires an HTTP or SOCKS Proxy | Tor Project | Support

This setting is only relevant for you, if you need a proxy to reach the internet. In this case tor will use the proxy to reach your guard relay. The Proxy can be SOCKS4, SOCKS5 or HTTP/HTTPS. But if you use the HTTP/HTTPS option i guess you need a proxy which supports HTTP-Connect, so it can tunnel every data, not just forward HTTP.

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Basically, you can think of the functionality of an HTTP proxy (which supports HTTP CONNECT) as a super-set of features of a SOCKS proxy. It does exactly what a SOCKS proxy does – and a little more.