[tor-project] UX team meeting notes, May 17th


Thanks to everyone who made it to this week’s UX Team meeting. We’re looking forward to seeing you all again in a week’s time on May 24th.

Here are the minutes:


Today we shared an update on our progress with various projects across the team, discussed the proposal to change Tor Browser for Android’s versioning system, chatted about next week’s East Africa meetup, and shared an update about the Community QA recruitment campaign that commenced last week.


== User Experience Team Meeting ==

UX Team meetings happen every Tuesday at 1600 UTC in #tor-meeting on OFTC.

Here are the logs from our meeting on May 17th:

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Tuesday May 17th @ 16:00 UTC

== What projects are we working on? ==

S9 - Usability and Community Intervention on Support for Democracy and Human Rights

S30 - Empowering Communities in the Global South to Bypass Censorship

S96 – Rapid Expansion of Access to the Uncensored Internet through Tor in China, Hong Kong, & Tibet

S101 - Tor VPN Client for Android

S123 - Tor Secure Access Package for USAGM

== Announcements ==

Congestion Control Arrives in Tor 0.4.7-stable!

New Release: Tor Browser 11.0.12 (Android)

== Agenda ==

Evergreen items:

  1. Announcements :mega:
  2. Weekly planning :date:
  3. Check-in with user support :speech_balloon:

Discussion items for this week only:

  1. Tor Browser for Android versioning
  2. UX team at the East Africa meetup
  3. Community QA recruitment campaign update

== Weekly planning ==

Note: Please highlight anything you’d like to discuss below in bold


Last week (actual):

  • Final prep for the Community QA recruitment campaign launch in applications/team#6
  • afk!

This week (planned):

  • Catch up on email backlog
  • Review latest challenges and needs report in ux/research#25
  • Review interview script feeback for S101
  • Design mockup for the bundled tb-manual in applications/tor-browser#40885
  • Design QA for TB 11.5a11 in applications/tor-browser#40911

Backlog/time permitting:

  • Start thinking about social previews/teasers for Tor Browser 11.5
  • Write blog post to support the Community QA recruitment campaign in operations/communications#65
  • Begin wireframes for the Tor VPN in ux/design#35


Last week (actual):

  • finished transcribe all s9 interviews
  • wrote s9 report about digital rights organizations needs
  • did pilot test on interview script (s101)
  • collecting feedback on the interview script (s101)
  • planning user research for s96
  • start prepare for east africa meetup

This week (planned):
- last updates and publish s9 report #25

  • start plans for user research in Ecuador: snowflake webpage? tor browser download page?
  • start scheduling s101 interviews #76
  • collecting feedback during a tor training on thursday
  • finish prep for east africa meetup
    - reach out some digital rights organizations to collect feedback on localized material
    - start plans for s96 research (connect assist): contact fabby, and tibet


Last week (actual):

  • out sick most of last week
  • Annual report: Continued work on illustrations and overall design
  • S123: Continued QA work with kez on landing page
  • QA Alpha Tester Recruitment campaign: final graphics, forum badge, and posted graphics to ig and fb

This week (planned):


Check-in with user support:

== Open Call for User Research ==

Find out how to contribute to the UX team:

Thanks everyone!

Duncan Larsen-Russell
Product Manager & UX Team Lead


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