Crash on startup bug

  • Operating System: GrapheneOS SP2A.220505.002.2022051100
  • Tor Browser version: 11.0.12 (96.3.0-Release) from F-Droid
  • Tor Browser Security Level: default/unknown
  • Step by step of how you got to the issue: Ever since two or three months ago, whenever I try to open Tor Browser on this device, it crashes within less than a second of startup. I just get to see the main screen and “connect” for a split second and then it crashes. I’ve tried force closing and reinstalling to no avail.
  • (optional) A screenshot of the problem: can’t retrieve — app crashes too quickly.
  • The Tor log: can’t retrieve — app crashes too quickly.

@yummy_onion :wave:, this is bug fenix#40212.

Reading from the bug report, this is the latest update about Tor Browser for Android 11.0.12 on GrapheneOS: Tor Browser crashing on launch (#40212) · Issues · The Tor Project / Applications / fenix · GitLab

when Secure App Spawning is NOT enabled it works. however, turning it back on made TBA crash again.

Seems like it would require some more information from GrapheneOS users, so please follow the ticket and if you can please help the application team further debug this issue. Thanks!


Thanks for the info! Any idea how I can generate and submit a debug log?

@yummy_onion I believe some patches are in the works for this bug so I’d highly recommend to keep track of the ticket in order to learn more about what and how to test. (You can sign up for a account on our bug tracker, here:

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