[tor-project] Community Team meeting notes - January 24 2022

Here's our meeting log:

And our meeting pad:
Next meeting: Monday, January 31, 2022 - 1400 UTC

Weekly meetings, every Monday at 14:00 UTC, in #tor-meeting at OFTC
(channel is logged while meetings are in progress)

## Goal of this meeting

Weekly checkin about the status of Community Team work at Tor.

## Links to Useful documents

* Looking for volunteers:

## Discussion

* Outreachy - Gamification project update and next steps
* User support/Telegram soft launch
* RT backlog
* Run a bridge campaign retrospective

## Updates

    This week:
        - Community Team OKRs
        - Testing the cdr.link user support platform
        - RT backlog

    This week:
        - Roadmapping with Isa and Gaba
        - Writing S9 new proposal
        - Meeting with Sajolida and TGP team about Tor trainings for S30
        - Writing bridges campaign blog post and doing some logistics

    Last week:
        New resources here: UX insights, motivations and pain points

    This week:
        - Ideation. Submitting ideas for gamification and gathering
          feedback (votes!)
        - Discussing interview prompts for Relay Operator interviews
          (specifically Exit Relay Ops)
        - Preparing an interview script for Relay Operators
        - Survey Analysis: Working on UX Survey analyses and
    Next week:
        - Picking best ideas and building mockups, understanding
          feasibility/viability of some features I'll pitch this week


      Last week:
    - Localization hangout
    - updates with loclab
    - translation previews in gitlab
    - emergency fund translations

    This week:
        - Translation previews in gitlab
        - prepare move to weblate
        - contact Chinese translators about support.tpo


    Last week:
    - Meetings participation
    - Responding to user requests (tickets)
    - The announcement translation
    - the cdr.link platform testing and discussion

    This week:
    - start of the user support via Telegram
    - complete the translation of the article


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