Tor Browser has trojan when detected through anti-virus?

I was wondering, why did it appear to say that it had a trojan in it? I was getting the Tor browser for my older PC [which still has Windows XP on it] and when i put it through an anti-virus, it detected this: Trojan.Generic.dcgqe
What does this mean, and should I run it on my PC?

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Hi, @Pilot-Luke. This looks very similar to this thread: After updating Tor to 11.0.9 my Antivirus told me: libEGL.dll is infected. See Screenshots. I had to delete this file

Please check whether your antivirus is flagging this for some another software on your machine.

As far as Tor Browser is concerned, if you ensure it’s downloaded from the website (for 32-bit and other locales) and verify the signature in order to ensure the file has not been tampered with, you have nothing to worry about.


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