After updating Tor to 11.0.9 my Antivirus told me: libEGL.dll is infected. See Screenshots. I had to delete this file


@RainerG Hi, where did you download Tor Browser from? Please ensure it’s from the website (32-bit). I would also recommend to verify the signature in order to ensure the file has not been tampered with.
Although antivirus software can sometimes give false positives, this one, prima facie, doesn’t look like one.

  1. Original Download:
    For Windows.
  2. Try: from CHIP-Download, as ZIP. Extracted: for Win 10, 64 bit.
    Both: same Problem.
    After deleting the dll I tryed to paste the dll from Version 11.0.7 (From an System-Image).
    Seems to work.
    I’ try it once more, verifying the signature…
    Thank You

Hi, Back again!
I restored my System (Acronis-Image). Then started two Bootscans, with two different Tools.
They found a corrupted File “DVDsoft Studio Manager.exe”.
The File was deleted.
Now I started Windows, then TOR V.11.0.7 and used the updating-routine of TOR (instead of “download and install”).
This time the Antivirus did not find any maleware in libEGL.dll!
Thank You
Have a goot time
Rainer G.

So the issue was with that other software. Glad it’s working for you now. Thanks for the update!

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