Stuck on Tor

When I follow this guide for debian get I get Tor not Anyone have a solution?

There is simply no build of in the repo: Index of /

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Could someone please add Tor :slight_smile:

I also came here to ask if there was an ETA Debian packages, usually they’re up a few days after the release.

Wait patiently, it will be released eventually.

While you are waiting, if you have not already, I suggest configuring an IPv6 address on your Tor relay as instructed in the relay post-install and good practices page.


That wiki page gives a wrong false positive if there’s no ipv6 address assigned:

$ ip -6 addr | grep global | sed ‘s/inet6//;s#/.*##’

That IP is within the private range of addresses. This may happen if on your private network IPv6 is assigned but your ISP doesn’t assign you one. If you issue the command ip a, you should be able to see that address with the following text right next to it scope link.

That isn’t your public IPv6, for that you either need to configure IPv6 on your cloud provider or ask your ISP for availability.

Even then, if using ubuntu you’ll have to wait for a couple minutes for the OS to fetch your public IPv6.
If using another OS such as CentOS, you may have to do it manually with dhclient -6 {NetworkInterface}.

If everything is set up correctly, you should see two inet6. One which says scope link and the other scope global. The command ip -6 addr | grep global | sed 's/inet6//;s#/.*##' returns your public IPv6, which is the scope global address essentially.

IMO the “ip a” statement could have something like | grep -v ' fd00:'

It actually does. ip a is just an abbreviation for ip address or ip addr, in this case, we are using the -6 flag to just return IPv6 values, grab the line which contains the global value and then remove all unnecessary text to just display the IPv6 address.

Your example couldn’t be used because you’d be searching for a specific value (fd00:), which won’t be the same every single time. By using grep global you ensure to just grab the piece of text containing that value, which will usually be your public IPv6, unless it is mislabelled and causes confusion, as happened to you

It is now 19 days since was released. When will it be released in the repo:Index of / ?

It’s not just Debain/Ubuntu. It’s now 26 days since the release and it can’t be found in CentOS/RHEL repo either.


I see Tor packages in the repository now, thanks to whomever got the repo back up to date :slight_smile:

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But how does it helps, if it is not yet (as time of writing) e.g. in Debian bookworm ?


Hello everyone,

I would like to ask the same about the version 0.4.8.x which is available in the Index of / main repo but not available in the dists package list.

The last version available for Debian Bookworm (in my example) is :

Do you know how can I update my relays to this 0.4.8.x version ?

It seems fixed with the latest release, the Packages file now correctly contains


Indeed, my Tor guard relay has been recently updated to Tor, although the Tor version is still considered to be by the hourly consensus generated by the directory authorities.

Special thanks to Peter Palfrader for continuing to maintain the Debian version of Tor.


Not the RPM package

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Can we update on FreeBSD? and how?

Now I’m stuck on version, can’t upgrade to

You’re supposed to use the Tor project package when running on Debian (not that it would help as of right now because even this repo is now outdated and doesn’t contain for some reason). The official Debian package for bookworm is stuck on and doesn’t have even on their testing/unstable channels…

Getting kind of tired of Debian tbh. I’m seriously considering moving my relay to Arch Linux. That seems to be the only Linux distribution which provides up-to-date Tor versions quickly (the version was available within the same day it was released) and doesn’t hold the Tor network back.