Why is rpm.torproject.org behind? Cant find latest stable release


I am running a tor server on Linux. I use https://rpm.torproject.org to update trough dnf/yum package manager. Strangely I cant find latest (or .6) release? Stable release

Can anybody explain why?


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What Linux distro do you use for your relay?

I am using RHEL 8.

Okey, there is another post who are talking about it for CentOS/REHL, like this: Stuck on Tor - #16 by FranklyFlawless (mentionned Debian but another member talked about REHL).

No more update since, and as we can see here Index of /centos/8/x86_64 there is no package newer than 4.8.5, maybe it will come later…? I personnaly don’t have the answer :frowning:

Each distribution has a different maintainer, so they will provide Tor updates according to their schedule’s availability. Currently the Tor version on Debian is

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Thanks for explaining. Concerns me a bit tho. Security wise this is not good for relay operators as it exposes you longer to vulnerabilities in older versions.

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The new packages were added on September 30. The rpm repository is managed by our volunteers, so there might occasionally be some delays.

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Package for .6 while .7 is already out…

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