Safe way to user WebRTC?

I understand that WebRTC is disabled in Tor Browser because it can leak the IP address, but certain web services require WebRTC to function.

If you use an OS such as Tails or Whonix, and then either manually enable WebRTC in the Tor Browser in the settings menu or use Firefox to access websites which require WebRTC to function, will you be protected against IP leaks because the OS routes everything over the Tor network, or would WebRTC still give away your real IP address? Is there currently any safe way to use WebRTC without compromising anonymity?

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This question was previously considered & answered here on the Tor Project Forum, back in February:

Both Tails OS & Whonix are unable to run WebRTC for the same reason the Tor Browser is unable to run WebRTC, because it uses the UDP protocol which is currently not supported by Tor.
These links provide some additional information for Tails OS:
& Whonix (see the section entitled, “Software and Configuration”)

Whilst Tor doesn’t currently support UDP, nevertheless a proposal has been made to consider sending UDP traffic over Tor:

I hope this helps to answer your question.


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