Enable WebRTC in Tor Browser

Many websites with audio or video conferencing services require WebRTC to function. I understand that WebRTC is disabled in the Tor Browser, thus preventing Tor users from using these audio/video conferencing services.

Firefox now obfuscates LAN addresses using mDNS according to:

If this is true, then WebRTC leaking IP addresses should no longer be an issue and it should be safe for Tor users to enable WebRTC and enjoy sites with audio/video calling services.

I have not been able to find official documentation/guidance from Mozilla or the Tor Project regarding the status of WebRTC in relation to IP leaks, if it’s safe to enable, etc. (I also opened a thread in the Tor support forum a few weeks ago about this topic but it has not received any response.)

If it is true that WebRTC no longer leaks IP address and presents no other risk to privacy or security, I suggest that Tor officially supports WebRTC and clarifies in the documentation and changelog if it’s safe to use. (I don’t know how this would work exactly, maybe WebRTC would only be enabled when the security level is set to low or medium, but it would be better than nothing.)

If WebRTC is not currently safe to use in the Tor Browser, my suggestion would be for Tor to implement the necessary hostname obfuscation so that WebRTC can be safely used.



From a first read to the link you posted is about mDNS.

However, we used to disable also mDNS, in addition to WebRTC, but recently Mozilla dropped it completely.

Moreover, WebRTC is based mainly on UDP, which is not supported by the Tor network.

Thank you anyway for the proposal.


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