Reshaping 'standalone snowflake proxy setup' guide's article end for popular trends


I can only humbly clap the immense work of you dedicated commons,

I was uncomfortable with the end of the official ‘standalone snowflake proxy’ page end,
were once the proxy is now build one has to choose between


with a brutal contrast of technicality based on an article that was not meant to answers what the link was passing on, to,


‘nohup’ and sort of “bye now, that was it!”

that certainly does something yet does not give any info about how to rejoyce about anything working…
(little humanity knows how a work has to be celerated and contemplated about, to motivate us to the next task for humanity).
simple: were do I see my proxy works, were do I enjoy having done anything?

/home/user/snowflake/proxy# _

is what simple newbies are left to.

Hope for urgent consciousness about this.

A citizen.

The snowflake interface on a whole is pretty underdeveloped in my honest opinion. You can either switch on the embed button here Snowflake or use the mobile only app called Orbot. Ideally there should be a simple yet informative web interface which gives details as to which IP you are broadcasting out (your home IP} and how many users are connecting, potentially with options for alerts and other more advanced configurations which could run in browser or be downloaded with the settings cached as a html file that could be opened in a dedicated browser instance, separated from regular web browsing.