Relay or Bridge? What are the Network needs for the moment

I bought a VPS in order to configure a Relay but because i don’t have time studying/configuring the Relay i have installed a Bridge (Snowflake)

The question is what does the TOR network needs more. My relay or the bridge? because i see it spits a lot of users

2023/02/18 17:42:03 In the last 1h0m0s, there were 473 connections. Traffic Relayed ↓ 3675614 KB, ↑ 682157 KB.
2023/02/18 18:42:03 In the last 1h0m0s, there were 516 connections. Traffic Relayed ↓ 3800698 KB, ↑ 545795 KB.
2023/02/18 19:42:03 In the last 1h0m0s, there were 475 connections. Traffic Relayed ↓ 3473102 KB, ↑ 648401 KB.
2023/02/19 07:42:03 In the last 1h0m0s, there were 451 connections. Traffic Relayed ↓ 2935262 KB, ↑ 414245 KB.
2023/02/19 08:42:03 In the last 1h0m0s, there were 465 connections. Traffic Relayed ↓ 2676103 KB, ↑ 426404 KB.
2023/02/19 09:42:03 In the last 1h0m0s, there were 433 connections. Traffic Relayed ↓ 2550708 KB, ↑ 523348 KB.

My VPS has 1TB of traffic at 1Gbps speed (10days after my calculations) after that is reached the port speed drops to 10Mbps but the traffic is unlimited.

Small correction: you installed proxy, not bridge.
Snowflake bridges are centralized at the moment:

This page says Tor Project | Snowflake

If you don’t meet the requirements to run a Tor relay or obfs4 bridge, running a Snowflake proxy is a great way to donate your bandwidth

My opinion: if you have a static IP, a regular bridge is better, because bridges are generally more powerful than Snowflake proxies. In theory the power of Snowflake is that there are many of them, not that each is better at hiding from censors.

Just configured it as a relay, i will check tomorrow morning Relay Search to see if i seet it there.

Meanwhile can someone give me some tips for the speed settings? a link to read or something :smiley:

Some general guidelines because i will have more relays soon and maybe some boxes are limited to 2-3TB/months at max port speed then i receive unlimited bandwidth but at 10 Mbps port speeds, other can have 100Mbs and unlimited bandwidth, etc

Most importantly, use correct MyFamily options for your relays.

I think most important is to set corectly MaxAdvertised to (1) not kill the machine (2) not to ofer a bad user experience to users.

Since nobody answered my questions about speed i will do myself some tests because it seems the Relay is overloaded :slight_smile:

11:33:08 [WARN] Your computer is too slow to handle this many circuit creation requests! Please consider using the MaxAdvertisedBandwidth config option or choosing a more restricted exit policy. [19302 similar message(s) suppressed in
last 480 seconds]

MyFamily looks important for privacy concerns. But if i have 2 or 3 relays may not be so relevant. Maybe if someone has 100+ can do some attacks if the family is not correct

Most likely, such overload comes from DDoS attack.
I’m not sure if it is possible to tune relay to offer good user experience even during DDoS spikes.