Re: [tor-relays] Seeking Advice on Running Multiple Tor Relays or A Bridge

I have some experience running a Tor relay, and I am now interested in
setting up another one. I plan to do this using my home internet
connection, which is an FTTH line with bandwidth up to 2 Gbps. I have read
that it is possible to run multiple relays on the same node, but I am
unsure how to configure this.

The most important steps from "man tor-instance-create"

systemctl stop tor <- if already running

tor-instance-create 00
tor-instance-create 01
systemctl enable tor@00
systemctl enable tor@01
systemctl mask tor@default
systemctl daemon-reload

Configure torrc in /etc/tor/instances/* and then start individually
or all together:
systemctl start tor

Additionally, I am curious about what would
be most beneficial for the Tor network today: a highly resilient bridge or
multiple relays managed from the same node?

If you set up a relay with residential IP, it would be very good if you set
up a bridge specifically for Turkmenistan first.
Use this torrc-example fron Gus:

Mail your bridge line to:
Unfortunately, this bridge is usually discovered after a few weeks and then
you can reconfigure it. (Relay or bridge) Please note Gary's post!

If your provider already has a Tor tag in the BGP database like mine, then
most likely the entire AS of Turkmenistan is blocked. :frowning:


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