Orbot configuration invalid

Ever since about a month ago, Orbot for Android’s “Start VPN” button doesn’t toggle and when the device initially turns on, I get a brief prompt at the bottom of my display that says “Orbot configuration invalid.” All of this behavior occurs despite whether I serve as a relay or not. I don’t use Orbot as a VPN — I have another VPN being used and Orbot has been added to its allow list. Orbot is in my main profile and has unrestricted battery and network access. Despite this, the number of connections others have made to my Snowflake rises every day.

  1. Why does this happen?
  2. How can I get the Connect to VPN button to work again?
  3. How can I get the “Orbot configuration invalid” to stop showing?

I’m running Android 14 with January’s security patch and Orbot version 17.0.0-RC-1-tor.

versionCode 1700300100

targetSdk 33
minSdk 18

Installed: Jun 10, 2023; 1:56 AM