New Release: Tor Browser 11.5.8 (Android, Windows, macOS, Linux)

by richard | November 22, 2022

Tor Browser 11.5.8 is now available from the Tor Browser download page and also from our distribution directory. This release will not be published on Google Play due to their target API level requirements. Assuming we do not run into any major problems, Tor Browser 11.5.9 will be an Android-only release that fixes this issue.

Tor Browser 11.5.8 backports the following security updates from Firefox ESR 102.5 to to Firefox ESR 91.13 on Windows, macOS and Linux:

Tor Browser 11.5.8 updates GeckoView on Android to Firefox ESR 102.5 and includes important security updates. Tor Browser 11.5.8 backports the following security updates from Firefox 107 to Firefox ESR 102.5 on Android:

The full changelog since Tor Browser 11.5.7 is:

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Windows, macOS and Linux get 13 vulnerability fixes and Android gets 1? Does this mean 12 of the vulnerabilities affecting Windows, macOS and Linux don’t affect Android or is Android affected but just no patch designed yet? Please let me know

As a sugestion, you guys could also inform that the Windows version of Tor for relay operators where made available in the same Distro as this Tor Browser version, because there’s no information about new releases for Windows relays as far as I could search for, neither on the main posts:
Stable release - News / Tor Release Announcement - Tor Project Forum
[tor-project] Network Team - Upcoming tor.git release - November 2022 - Mailing Lists / tor-project - Tor Project Forum


Tor browser “update” consistently “update fails” via Tor Browser (Windows 10 pro, connection via Bridge, with or without ProtonVPN)


Hi Guys,
just to let you know that the update to 11.5.8 fails on all my platforms (Windows 10, MacOS Big Sur and Ubuntu 20.0.4).

I downloaded the 11.5.8 MacOS dmg (x64 only) and discovered that the folder name has changed to ‘Tor Browser’ (from TorBrowser) and the installation date on all files is 1 Jan 2000…

I think I’ll wait for a fix.


Update on Linux fails and directs me to the full download of TB page.

I’ll wait for a fix as well. Thanks guys for chiming in!

Yay, the update on Linux works now, at least for me. How about everyone else and their respective platforms?