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Below are the major changes of the released versions and links to more detailed release notes.


Today we are releasing, the latest stable version.

This release contains a large number of fixes including a TROVE. Most fixes were aimed at helping with the network wide denial of service.

We’ve also extended greatly the relay statistics exported on the MetricsPort in order to help us gather more easily information that we can graph over time. As a reminder, that data, as a relay operator, should NEVER be made available publicly.

As a last note, we are removing the directory authority Faravahar from the code and soon from the consensus until our beloved operator, Sina, is able to move it to a new location. Meaning that for a short time frame, the network will operate with 8 authorities. The network health team will monitor closely the situation until Faravahar comes back.

As usual, we STRONGLY recommend to update to this new version especially if you are a relay operator.

Release Notes

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