New Release: Tor Browser 11.0.2

by sysrqb | December 8, 2021

Tor Browser 11.0.2 is now available from the Tor Browser download page and also from our distribution directory

This version updates Firefox on Windows, macOS, and Linux to 91.4.0esr. This version includes important security updates to Firefox.

Full changelog

The full changelog since Tor Browser 11.0.1 is:

  • Windows, MacOS & Linux:
    • Update Firefox to 91.4.0esr
    • Bug 40318: Remove check for DISPLAY env var in start-tor-browser
    • Bug 40386: Add new default obfs4 bridge "deusexmachina"
    • Bug 40682: Disable network.proxy.allow_bypass
  • Linux

Known issues

Tor Browser 11.0.2 comes with a number of known issues (please check the following list before submitting a new bug report):

  • Bug 40668: DocumentFreezer & file scheme
  • Bug 40382: Fonts don’t render
  • Bug 40679: Missing features on first-time launch in esr91 on MacOS
  • Bug 40667: AV1 videos shows as corrupt files in Windows 8.1
  • Bug 40666: Switching svg.disable affects NoScript settings
  • Bug 40693: Potential Wayland dependency
  • Bug 40705: “visit our website” link on about:tbupdate pointing to different locations
  • Bug 40706: Fix issue in https-e wasm
  • Bug 40698: Addon menus missing content in TB11
  • Bug 40721: Tabs crashing on certain pages in TB11 on Win 10

Why can I no longer view bugs 40698 and 40721?

We've determined that both the addon and tab crashes are occuring due to the same underlying issue in Firefox, and we're currently working with Mozilla on a fix. Due to the nature of the bug Mozilla have opted to make this ticket private, and we've followed suit on our end too. In the absence of a public ticket, we'll keep the community abreast of any developments on this issue in this thread instead. Thanks for your patience!

Update (14 Dec 2021): We've just released a potential temporary fix in Tor Browser Alpha 11.5a1 for wider testing. Please see this post below for more info.

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I heard 11.0.2 was out so I did the update on two seperate browsers in the Win 8.1 platform and all addons are still disabled. Doesn’t really effect me I switched to Brave Tor when 11.0.1 came out and broke the extensions I only use FF Tor inside of Tails but I am posting here just to let you know the new update did not fix the problem in Win 8.1 at least.

Hey @Comms, although we’ve made some progress on a workaround for the tab and addon crashing issues (while we work with Mozilla on a permanent fix) – it’s still being tested at the moment. However they should probably still be included in the list of Known Issues – I’ll look into that!


Dear Tor Browser Developer,

First of all, thank you very much for bringing TOR Browser, which is a wonder of the world, to us.

I am having the same problem as stated by your user “Comms”:

  • When I updated TOR to version 11.0.1, I saw that all the plugins I installed were disabled and went back to version 10.5.10;
  • Today I updated TOR to version 11.0.2 thinking “Maybe the problem has been fixed”; then when i saw that the issue still persists, i went back to version 10.5.10 again.

Best regards,

NOTE: My operating system is Windows 8.1 Pro x64 (up to date).


Thanks for the kind words @anta! I’m sorry to hear you’re also struggling with crashing addons in Windows – on that subject please see my reply to Comms above.

Also, please be aware that Tor Browser 10.5.10 is outdated and is missing recent security updates. Therefor, where possible, we would recommend continuing to use Tor Browser 11.0.2 without the use of additional addons or extensions first, and only rolling back to 10.5.10 when necessary as a last resort.

Thanks again for your patience as we work on these issues :slight_smile:


Dear “duncan” User Experience Team Lead,

Thank you very much for your quick response and recommends.

Of course, it’s best to use the most up-to-date TOR Browser, and no or minimal install of personal extensions.

By the way, I forgot to write the name of the extensions I mentioned in the first post; However, I should have thought that knowing these might help you solve the problem:

- Simple Translate
- uBlock Origin
- Violentmonkey (Installed scripts: “Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy”, “Google Hit Hider by Domain”)

Kind regards,

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We would love to use the updated browser but cannot because ALL addons are broken and the browser crashes frequently, 11.0.1/11.0.2 is completely broken and unusable on Windows.
We have been forced to use the vulnerable 10.5.10 version for roughly 25 days now.
I understand you are community funded but what’s the point of Tor Browser if it doesn’t even function correctly.

Hi @ansoufly2, I completely understand your frustration. We’ve managed to trace the tab and addon crashes back to an issue with Firefox itself, and as mentioned, are currently working with Mozilla on a fix. We also have a workaround that’s about to go out in our Alpha release channel for community testing too.

In the meantime we would recommend continuing to use Tor Browser 11.0.2 without the use of additional addons or extensions. I have also heard that the tab crashes do not occur on the Safer security level, however I haven’t been able to confirm that personally. If you do happen to try 11.0.2, would you mind letting me know whether it temporarily solved the issue?


First of all I would like to thank you for creating and maintaining Tor Browser!
After updating to 11.0.x on Windows some pages crash and plug-ins do not work any more. I downgraded to 10.5.10 to keep the functionality.
When I saw the announcement for 11.0.2 I had hoped the issues were fixed, but they did not appear in the list of fixed issues. They do not even appear in the known issues section. And even more the links where I found the bugs discussed earlier do not work any more ( , ).
Can you say where I can see the status of these issues now?

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Hi @Portus! Thank you for your kind words, and my apologies for the confusion regarding the Windows issues. Upon investigation we’ve determined that both addon and tab crashes are being caused by the same bug, which is also present in Firefox, and we’re currently working with Mozilla on a fix. Due to the nature of the bug, Mozilla opted to make the ticket private – and we’ve followed suit on our end too.

In the meantime we would recommend continuing to use Tor Browser 11.0.2 without the use of additional addons or extensions . I have also heard that the tab crashes do not occur on the Safer security level, however I haven’t been able to confirm that personally – if you get the chance to test this, please let me know :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure to post any other updates in this thread as soon as they become available. Thanks for your patience with this one, I know this bug has been frustrating to deal with!


Thanks for the explanation.


:wave: Hi Windows users! While we work with Mozilla on a permanent fix for the tab and addon crashes in Tor Browser 11 (see the 11.0.2 release post for more background), we’ve deployed a temporary fix in our newest alpha release for testing:

If you could download the Alpha and verify whether or not the temporary fix works, I would be super grateful!

Note: Tor Browser Alphas are unstable releases meant only to find bugs and test new features. Please stick to Tor Browser’s stable release for your regular browsing, and do not use Tor Browser Alpha if you are at high risk.

Become an Alpha Tester

You can also sign up to become an alpha tester to get notified by email whenever a new Alpha is available. Alpha testers are encouraged to post any bugs they discover in either Gitlab or the Tor Browser Alpha Feedback category on the forum too.

As a small non-profit the contribution our community Alpha testers make towards helping identify issues with Tor Browser is invaluable :heart:

(Tagging @anta, @ansoufly2, @Portus, @Comms, @LupoIam, @chronoquairium, @Gatsby, @UBO, @g7777 and @hajj3 – let me know either here or in the Alpha thread if this fix works for you!)


I downloaded Tor Browser 11.5a1 as requested and tried accessing the sites that previously crashed for me with 11.0.x (PrivateBin instances + the OBS Open Collective page). I’m glad to say that they no longer crash for me when I try to use them.


That’s great to hear, thanks so much for testing it @Gatsby!

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I’m happy to report we’ve just shipped the aforementioned fix for Windows in Tor Browser 11.0.3 for desktop :raised_hands:

Thanks to everyone who tested the Alpha! If you continue to experience any of the same issues with 11.0.3 please let us know in the new thread instead. However as always, remember to read the changelog and known issues first.