Discourage VPN usage when running a snowflake proxy

I didn’t know where on gitlab to file an issue.

As explained in [this post](In reply to Dayglo Is it OK to run the snowflake add-on if I am connected over a VPN? Or, could that in anyway harm the anonymity or security of users of my Snowflake session? You might want to see this post: Running a Snowflake proxy behind a VPN – consequences for Tor users - #4 by cecylia) the usage of a VPN when running a snowflake proxy is discouraged. It seems to me that VPNs are becoming quite popular and that people are increasingly running their non-Tor network traffic behind VPNs. As such it is likely that a not insignificant number of snowflake proxies will be unavailable to people connecting from countries where VPNs are blocked. I am seeing questions regarding this on Tor IRC channels and think it would be beneficial to include a sentence on this on https://snowflake.torproject.org and on the Chrome and Firefox addon stores. For instance just a simple sentence like “Due to censorship of VPN servers in some countries, we kindly ask you to not run a snowflake proxy while connected to a VPN”.


I filled a ticket to add this suggestion in the support portal: