Can't operate mid/guard relay

I tried twice but it doesn’t work. Every three days after starting the relay, some services stop working for me and I am definitely blocked by the ISP or other institutions.
After three days, my bank’s internet banking or access to the Metro AG application will no longer be available to me.

It’s a shame, I wanted to help but I expect that over time I will discover more and more problems from the side of the blocks that would affect me on my public IP.


If you are trying to operate a Tor guard relay using a residential IP address, you may experience more success deploying it within a datacenter instead so that your residential connection is unaffected.


If you can’t host a relay somewhere else, or you wish to help from your residential IP anyway, you may set up a bridge (see here for a guide) instead of a regular relay. Bridges are like guard relays but, as their IP addresses are not disclosed publicly (so that people can use them to connect to Tor from places where it is censored) your own traffic should not be affected.


I second Eldalie’s suggestion to run a bridge! I haven’t had any problems (yet) running an obfs4 bridge from my home address. You could also run a snowflake bridge. According to tor metrics, about 75k people per day use obfs4 bridges, and 30k per day use snowflake, so either would be a good way to help while hopefully flying under the radar of your ISP.

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Also consider running a WebTunnel Bridge. IMU they’re more advanced and censorship-resistant than obfs4.

It is likely the websites that block the operator’s IP and not the ISP.
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