Running a relay: Connection to some websites not working

I’m using M-Net as an ISP (Germany) and I’m running a TOR relay (not an exit node). Internet connections from our local network (NAT) are fine, except for at least two websites where we’re getting timeouts when trying to connect: took too long to respond.

Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall

Both are from the state/government.
Using my mobile connection from my SmartPhone, I can reach the websites.

Using the TOR browser, I can reach them as well, but I get blocked e.g. by (“Access denied”, that’s for sure because I’m using the TOR network for the connection).

How can I figure out the cause for those problems via our regular internet connection, and how can I fix it?

Btw, I had an issue in the past where I couldn’t register at a website – I got blocked blocked because the website assumed our IP address is related to a TOR exit node (which it definitely isn’t).

Theoretically the web servers could block connections from our IP address due to the TOR relay being related to the IP address – is that realistic?

Yes, many site owners are dumb and load the first blocklist they came across into their firewalls, which cause problems for some people.

By contacting site owners and asking to remove block.

By the way, I tested address and I confirm that it blocks access from IP where Tor middle relay is located.

I also can’t access with the same IP that is used by my relay.

Also observed that i can’t access on a site in my country as well because i am hosting a relay.
Is there any workaround to apply in order to not be blocked? Using other port instead 443 can help?

Those sites could be blocking tor connections ?

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