Arti FFI/RPC: Next meeting invitation and updates on communication

Note: This thread is running in parallel as an email thread with the people who participated in the first round of our series of Arti FFI/RPC meetings – future communication will happen here on this forum, so this message is posted here as well for transparency reasons and to make it easier to find in the future.

Hello folks,

Thanks to everybody who participated in the first meeting on FFI and RPC work in Arti. The team found the conversations useful and has been able to work on the feedback they received. As we make progress on these topics, we would like to occasionally invite you all in for future meetings as well to discuss where we are and what we plan on doing next.

While we understand that everybody have wishes for how these interfaces becomes as easy to use for your specific use-case, it is fair to assume that there occasionally will be situations where we need to find a lowest common denominator to make the interfaces useful for a broad set of Arti consumers as possible.

Nathan have kicked off a thread on our forum, which can be followed at Defining an Interface to Arti on the FFI/RPC topic. It would be wise to check this out if you already participated in the previous meeting.

It would be useful if people can monitor our “Arti Development” forum at Arti Development - Tor Project Forum – we will be using this forum to announce new meeting times and general discussions on this topic to avoid the CC list email madness we saw in the previous email thread :slight_smile:

Please mark you availability for the next meeting in Doodle

This will be the last email thread here – next updates will be on the forum where I will also be posting the content of this email :slight_smile: If someone from your herd is missing from the To-list of this email, please forward this message to them. I will sent out meeting time + BBB room URL at the end of this week.

All the best,


We meet on Friday (2023-03-24) at 15:00 UTC in