Xxxxx circuits rejected


I am running a tor relay since 1 1/2 days now.

I am monitoring the relay with nyx and i get this message from time to time:
Heartbeat: DoS mitigation since startup: 0 circuits killed with too many cells, 90331 circuits rejected, 1 marked addresses, 0 marked
addresses for max queue, 8 same address concurrent connections rejected, 25 connections rejected, 0 single hop clients refused, 0 INTRODUCE2 rejected.

Why do I reject so much circuits? I currently have only 7 active circuits and I think this is normal because of the life cycle of new relays. But what does the number 90331 circuits mean? How that does that happen?

Thanks in advance


That’s not the fault of your relay and it’s called the Denial of Service Mitigation Subsystem.
It can reach high numbers during attacks so nothing to worry about and not the fault of your relay.


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