Windows Server 2022 - Help please. tor browser frozen after start

  • Windows Server 2022 64x standart edition
  • Latest verion of TB
  • No extansions and etc. clean install

After start it fronzen, sometimes in one hour.
I killed TB process and start it again.

my problem 1 to 1 as here

i’m not using vpn and etc. clean installation

First let me ask. Did you download the installer from this site? If NOT then download it from this site
I will assume yes.

You say clean install. Was there a version previously installed on this server?
If yes then delete the Tor folder on the desktop and install again from a copy downloaded from the Tor Project. This is what I call clean (no residue of a previous install)

You killed the process. I assume clicking the X in the top right corner of TB did not work and then you used Task Manager to kill it.

What was on the screen?

  • i have downloaded installer from torproject site.
  • no previous version.
  • BT installed to home user folder.
  • MS firewall & defender is disabled.
  • Task Manager show TB process OK. strange
  • Are you using bridges? If so, which pluggable transport?

  • Have your Windows server hibernated after some hours without use? Have you rebooted your Windows machine after the issue?

  • Can you open the browser console (right click + inspect > Console) and check if there are some errors?


thank you answer.

  1. TB has default seting. It works on my wndows 11 without problems
  2. windows server online 24hours in day, all setings about hibernated mode OFF
  3. rebooting server some time and np effect
  4. TB has no respond randomly, sometimes after start, sometimes in some hours and etc
  5. when tb frozen i cannot open console and etc
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I find it strange that it installed in the home folder and not the desktop. Did you force that?

I have always seen it on the desktop in any fresh install (win10 & win11). In what folder is your Win11 install. Mine is on the desktop.

I don’t have a Win server so I can’t try that.

A new version is out. You can try that but I would not count on it. Do a fresh install. Fresh as I described above. From your item 5 above I can see that TB is really hung.

@maxmaster, can you try installing Firefox ESR (Tor Browser is based on Firefox ESR) on this machine and check if there are any issues?

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Here is something else you can try if curl is installed on your system. There are two parts to this: the Tor Browser(firefox) and tor.exe

Start Tor your usual way then on a console prompt:
curl --proxy socks5h://

This will tell you if the tor.exe is working or not. You should get back a json string about your connection.

I forgot to mention to do this curl once TB has frozen.

done. will watch.
at this time TorBrowser no fronzen (24 hours )