Windows installer for enabling human-meaningful (Namecoin) onion service addresses in Tor Browser

Hi Tor community!

As you may recall, Tor Browser Nightly on GNU/Linux has had experimental Namecoin support (for human-meaningful onion service addresses) for a while. We (at Namecoin) recently released an installer to enable similar functionality in Tor Browser for Windows (along with other existing Namecoin functionality, e.g. integration with the OS’s DNS resolver and TLS certificate validator). The hope is that making it easier for Windows users to play around with this functionality will lead to more feedback that might inform the Namecoin and Tor Browser devs on how we can best proceed.

If you’d like to try it out, or learn more about the impressive list of scary warnings you should heed before you run this experimental code, see the full release notes. You can use the domain http://onionshare.bit.onion/ to test it out (the owner of that domain is happy to donate it to Micah Lee on request; don’t trust that domain until/unless it gets transferred to Micah). All the usual disclaimers apply – this is experimental code, not endorsed by The Tor Project, don’t use this if your safety depends on it working properly, etc.

Feel free to report either positive feedback or bug reports in this thread if you feel so inclined. :slight_smile:


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