Windows Exit Relay

So i am running a tor windows relay
i followed the guide to a t and the tor.exe is not opening
it just crashes but does not give me an error log.

i ran the SAME torrc file on an old windows server just fine but since i migrated to a new host
the same torrc file is not running idk what i am doing wrong

i have the proper ports open
i also have the FW turned off

Maybe old torrc contains old paths which are unavailable on new server?

Ya know that was the case in my old server when I had to update
But it ran just fine
So everything is a valid dir as everything is in the C drive

Will it crash if you run it without torrc file? Not as relay, just as regular client.

Shockingly I got it to work
I went into power shell and ran .\tor.exe l more and it told me it was a directory issue
.and what directly

So what’s on the website is out of data or their is a bug within tor

So I did everything correct it just wasn’t reading the existing