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Is it possible to set the default window size of new windows ? Maybe even within some randomized margins.

I saw this similar discussion, but … “default size” is different to “remember size”. And I cannot follow all the technical details.

My OS is Windows 10 , Tor Browser 13.0.6


new windows (on startup, on new identity, via menu>new window) on creation only (i.e you can resize, maximize, fullscreen afterwards) will always open in certain size steps under a maximum width/height - the largest each can fit on your avilable screen

width steps in 200’s, height in 100’s - and the default maximums are as follows

user_pref("privacy.window.maxInnerWidth", 1400);
user_pref("privacy.window.maxInnerHeight", 900);

these prefs are hidden by default - i.e you need to create them in about:config - but changing them can result in your fingerprint being different

e.g. if set them as 1920 + 1080 - then your window might open at 1900 wide and 1000 height (depending on your toolbar taskbar height) if you have a screen that is 1920x1080 or higher

this would make your fingerprint pretty much unique among Tor Browser users - so we don’t recommend users change any settings/prefs for this reason

What is it you’re trying to achieve here, and can I ask … WHY? knowing why might help us to make it better

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Thanks, this helped.

I’m quite convinced my requirement is very unique and specific. I mostly use Tor on a specific Website, which works best in a specific window size. Laziness weights more in my specific case than fingerprints.

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