Will we get an updated snowflake-proxy package somewhere?

I am running an unrestricted standalone snowflake-proxy in it’s own VM at home.
I don’t want to compile it and i won’t touch docker so i currently run the version from Debian which is 2.5.1-1+b3.

I recall that there are fixes for the OOM crashes in later versions.

Will the Debian packages get updated (via *-updates or backports)?
Will we get snowflake-proxy in deb.torproject.org ?
Or am i stuck with this version until Debian 13?

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure when will be updated. I’m failing to find the time to keep the package updated.

Our official supported ways to install it are either docker or building it from source. I’ve being trying to add debian packages to the mix, but clearly we don’t have the time to keep them up to date. If someone wants to help there I’m happy to point out how the package is built.


It is better to install from source and update every 2 weeks. Just follow the guide for Go and Snowflake.

I disagree.
It is always better to only use packages from the repositories of your distribution.

This ensures that nothing will break and makes it more difficult to add sketchy code so it should be treated as the most normal way of updating.
That’s even more important when it’s a software about anonymity.

Building from source should only be a fallback solution unless you have audited the code.

Thanks for answering. I understand the time constrains though.

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Hi. I’m new here and am wondering whether the recently-publicised extended DoS attacks are having / are expected to have any impact on Snowflakes. Can anyone help? Thank you.

So, shall these instructions be removed/hidden for now then?