Will using a DNS PTR as my main domain hurt my domain reputation?

My hosting service requires a DNS PTR to run tor exit, and I’m worried about severe reputation damage to my main domain, so I bought another domain and connected it. Is there any damage to my email reputation when connecting the domain? The domain was torexit-myip.mydomain.example. The mail service uses a custom domain from Protonmail.

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I personally have not had any issues. I also use proton custom domain for email with subdomains pointing to relay’s. Never had anyone reporting my email going to spam. Not even in more strict corporate mail environments. That being said, I also have every possible security measure configured for e-mail - that often also increases the reputation when going through mailfilters. As long as you don’t send spam using that domain, you’ll be OK.

If you want tk be safe, just use another domain - saves you the worry of what if in the future.

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I also haven’t had reputation issues because of PTR records. In my experience, it’s mostly the abuse/malicious traffic coming from exit relay IP addresses that lower IP reputation. And the PTR record has little influence on this.

You could use a subdomain for the PTR record to separate it from your main domain as well. For example I use a number (for each cluster of 8 relays), tor-exit and the main domain name like this:

dig -x

;; ANSWER SECTION: 0  IN      PTR     9.tor-exit.nothingtohide.nl.