Will downloading 11.0.13 be the solution to the Tails 5.0 breach?

Hi folks,
Tails 5.0 has a security breach, and they warn users not to use it until 5.1 is rolled out (which should have happened on May 31). But if I just download Tor browser 11.0.13 from your site, and install it on, say, Parrot Linux, would that be a good solution? Thanks.,

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As you may read here:

According to the Tails site:



All times are referenced in UTC.

2022 Q2

2022-06-03 (hopefully): Release 5.1 (Firefox 91.10) — intrigeri is the RM, nodens is the TR"

As it says, it “(hopefully)” will drop sometime today.

I have no comment about your question re: Parrot Linux, but the solution to the Tails 5.0 issue will be fixed in Tails version 5.1.

My apologies for posting this info in two separate threads. I don’t like clutter and assumed people read my thread re: 5.0/5.1 which is why I posted an update there about the delay.

Edit: I have no ties to the Tails project or insider knowledge.


Thank you, Aliceinonionland. I didn’t see your 5.0/5.1 post.


You’re most welcome.

I really hope it comes out today. I’ll try to post about it if I see something, or maybe someone else will beat me to the punch! :blush:

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