Why only tor-win32 binary is listed on the Download page?

Why is only tor-win32- tor displayed at Проект Tor | Скачать исходный код Tor ?
why tor-win64- not listed there?

The same one also works on 64-bit.



However, if someone wants to run a relay on Windows, a 64-bit binary could be pretty useful for high traffic scenarios. Windows may have stuck with 32-bit longer than macOS and mainstream desktop Linux/BSD, but that doesn’t mean 32-bit will last forever.

Disclaimer: I presently work at Microsoft, but not on Windows.


Why do you think that? What would be the advantage?

As far as I understand, Tor is mostly single threaded and my observation on Linux is that it doesn’t really need more than 1 to 1.5GB of RAM per instance, even if that instance is pushing up to 6 TB of traffic daily. I started to get close to a single-threaded CPU bottleneck at that point (Intel E3-1230 v6). To get further, I run multiple instances of Tor on the same machine.

Having said that, I want to try Tor on different versions of Windows in the future.

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