Why is Tor Weather still available?

Tor Weather used to be a thing back then, really useful for notifying operators about the status of their relays.

However, the project was abandoned due to lack of maintenance and resources and has been moved to a couple github repositories for users to build and host their own status platform… If so, why hasn’t the website running on weather.torproject.org been taken down?

Although it doesn’t work, it still allows registering and logging in, but whenever you try to configure a new monitor, an error will pop up telling you that the relay/fringerprint doesn’t exist.

Isn’t it better to shut it down? Many new operators who are actually worried about their relay health will seek for these types of services.

PS: I achieve that goal using uptimerobot and DirPort and DirPortFrontPage, setting up an HTTP monitor.

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This isn’t the same TorWeather as you used to know. The service has been reborn since a few month ago.
It should work, or at least it seems to work for me. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t for you :confused:

Oh ok! I didn’t expect that at all.

I just tried with a couple old relays and had no problem at all, however, when I try to set it up with two relays that aren’t a month old (12 and 21 days respectively) the following error would pop up:
Screenshot from 2023-08-14 00-33-23

Maybe there’s a problem with measuring if a relay is too recent or not. Would you mind to try to add the following fingerprints? If the error occurs to you as well, I’ll gladly open a ticket reporting it.


This relay is just a month old, no problem at all adding it.

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I confirm that the new Tor Weather is working for my relay, if down or new flag (and a removed flag) since I’m registered to it.

I registered my relay 3-4 months ago without any error so I don’t know it it’s still working now

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That’s good to know. I believe there’s some sort of problem going on with how the system recognizes new relays. As I said in my last comment, I had no problem when I added a new relay that is at least a month old, but couldn’t with those that weren’t.

If you read the error pop up I shared earlier, I understand the service isn’t available for new relays that haven’t been added to the metrics system yet (relay’s younger than ~3 hours), but those that are older than that but younger than a month? It seems odd to me.

Edit: I misunderstood your comment and thought you added your relay that is 3-4 months old. Maybe the problem is new due to some change or something and didn’t happen before, which would explain why you’d be able to add your relay back then.

Yes I can try tonight to add one of your relay :slight_smile:

But yes when I’ve added mine, it was online since december 2022 so already old since a few months.

Cryptux via Tor Project Forum:

Yes I can try tonight to add one of your relay :slight_smile:

But yes when I’ve added mine, it was online since december 2022 so already old since a few months.

FWIW: I think this should be resolved now. The problem was that the
Onionoo timer that triggers the import of the latest relay information
was not running. Thus, the newer relays were not known despite a bunch
of days old already. I just kicked the service and successfully
subscribed to your 0ECE57A287496CF791644E9AD170989AFA3A2C60 relay.

We should have better monitoring of the service at some point… See:

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I tried adding a couple relays and so far so good. I reported the issue this morning as the topic was kind of dead and was chatting with the person responsible for it. Reborned TorWeather (#73) · Issues · The Tor Project / Network Health / Tor-Weather · GitLab

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