Why don't you add the ability to download new versions of Tor Browser via torrent

Why don’t you add the ability to download new versions of Tor Browser via torrent.

Technical means of censorship in Russia are developing. And the ability to download via torrent makes it possible to download the latest version at normal speed using Tribbler.

For example, the default bridges built into the browser in Russia practically no longer work. Even Snowflake.

There’s a thread about getting Tor Browser over torrent at: Distributing tor browser over torrent.

The summary is you can download torrents from the gettor archive on archive.org, e.g.:


About problems with Snowflake since 2023-09-20, see:

You can get it via archive.org, right.
However, this method have a problem, which was solved only partially:
Some actions cause torrent file to update, which means that for seeding to work, all seeders should re-download torrent file. And they have no possibility to get notification when it should be done.
I posted details about this problem in my message here.
Meanwhile it is possible to use unofficial torrent, which have no problems with spontaneous updates. However, it contains only windows version of binaries and you have to trust person who manages it that there will be no malware in these files.
So conclusion for torrenting is not so good: both methods of getting torrent file for Tor Browser have serious problems.

But isn’t it reasonable to provide a link to the torrent file on the main download page of the Tor browser? Immediately below the link to download directly from the Tor Project server. Users from Russia simply access the download page through slow VPNs, since the site itself is blocked by most providers. But Roskomnadzor cannot block torrent networks. And downloading the browser itself will be much faster this way. Downloading a browser takes 16 minutes through such VPNs. And if there is a torrent file that is immediately visible on the main page, then they will be able to download the Tor browser in a few seconds.
In Russia, almost everyone uses torrents and everyone has a client for this network already installed on their computer.