Why does Tails not allow setting a specific port to connect to?

First off I wanna say I love TailsOS, so this post is not me hating on the project in anyway.

Wouldn’t the option to set the port help even more with censorship?

How would I set this in the torrc if i enabled admin password or in general (not in tails)?


It’s not uncommon for most ports to be blocked by a firewall when you connect on certain kinds of networks, including public wifi such as what you can get in airports or cafe, and corporate networks.

The This computer goes through a firewall that only allows connections to certain ports selector allows one to select ports which are not blocked on their network. It’s often the case that 80 and 443 are good choices. They are the port used by http and https respectively, so many firewalls just let them through. This option correspond do FascistFirewall and FirewallPorts in torrc.