Why does a tor exit relay create outbound connection to destinations rejected by its exitpolicy?

Really surprised to see tor create connections to destinations that are rejected by its exit policy.
What other reasons are there for tor to create outbound TCP connections to port 443 if the destination IP is not allowed by the exit policy?
The destination is not a tor relay.

I have two questions to help understand and figure it out:

(1) Can you copy your exit policy for your Tor config and paste it.

(2) You say the outbound TCP connection to port 443 is not a tor relay. But, how do you know it is not a relay?

ExitPolicy reject*
ExitPolicy accept *:80
ExitPolicy accept *:443
ExitPolicy reject *:*
  1. it is not a relay because relays are in the consensus and don’t use certificates from trusted certificate authorities

are you sure it is the tor-process itself and not something from other applications or the OS?

Yes, we confirmed it is tor by looking at the netstat output (PID/processname) and the used source IP address is only used in the tor configuration (OutboundBindAddressExit).