Why aren't other Email providers allowed, for requesting Bridges per mail?


I was wondering why especially riseup and gmail? I mean riseup is nice, but Gmail is crap? Why not protonmail, posteo, mailbox.org, tutanota and so many others?


this is just a questionable outsourcing of user-verification with the aim not to give out bridges en masse and burn them in this way


Basically what @atari said, is a way to outsource user-verification. Gmail and riseup has proven making hard for botnets to have tons of accounts on their service.

I agree is not great to trust gmail, but the reality in many places where bridges are needed is that people has gmail accounts. I have some doubts how many people in those places have accounts in any of the providers you mention, but I’ll love to be wrong.

Will be great to have more options, but we need to be very careful on what providers we add there and how easy will make for censors to get accounts on those providers and block all email bridges. Up to now email bridges hasn’t being blocked in any country.


might also be a great misconception because you simply don’t see if someone doesn’t have a gmail and thus discards this way of getting a bridge

additionally nowadays a gmail is nearly always associated with a telephone number for SMS verification - annoying and potentially de-masking for humans but a state actor probably has only limited challenges to acquire a decent amount of google accounts


I would expand this to paid providers then: