Where is the “sign out” or “log out” menu in this forum?

This forum is hard to use. First of all, where is the “sign out“? I looked into the “hamburger”, “More…”, and my “avatar” (?) but can’t find this simple menu item anywhere.

Secondly, if every post has to be approved before it appears, then no spam is possible. Why should one have to register to begin with? Everything is working fine before this forum was created (one can comment on the blog anonymously). That aside, it doesn’t feel nice that you’re rejecting emails provided by a long-time Tor supporting communities—Cock.li or perhaps disroot.org?

Please stop to create yet another tracking-happy walled garden.
Recently my intuition is more and more I2P > Tor, though that has nothing directly to do with this hard-to-use non-libre-feeling forum.
I hope I’m totally wrong but that’s what I’m honestly feeling, in case some of you are still interested in hearing frank opinions of a nameless end user.

If I can’t find “sign out” in next 5 or so minutes, I’ll just clear cookies.

Why should one have to register to begin with?

because that spam still has to be dealt with by moderators

where is the “sign out“

click top right on your avatar, then click profile, then click logout


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Assuming you are using a desktop, click on your profile (you have a pinkish “N”), then at the bottom of the list is a human icon separated from the other six icons. Click that, then at the bottom of the list is the Log Out button.

Building reputation, credibility, and making responsible posts; all useful if your objective is to fulfill a public role.

You will have to explain further: Tutanota works just fine, as that is what I used to register here and elsewhere.

Creating a pseudonymous identity is voluntary. If you do not want to be “tracked”, you could have simply not signed up.

The Tor Project Forum uses Discourse, which is gratis and libre open-source software licensed under the GNU General Public License 2.0.

Go ahead and use I2P if that fits whatever criteria you deem it suitable for. After all, promoting anonymity networks helps everyone using them.


Thank you very much, I found it now.

This forum is the hardest to sign out, though: just to sing out you need 3 clicks in such a non-intuitive way, menu items being non-intuitively organized , hidden as a sub menu of “profile”—why does one wants to see their profile to sign out?

With all due respect, it seems obvious that [Sign out] can and should be simply near the top-right corner or left bottom corner, or at least on the second level under one of the main menus. It seems like intentionally hidden to “retain“ users like many other platforms do.

The argument that since a Tutanota email address is accepted, one should not complain if their email address is rejected, is so illogical that any further discussion should be necessary.

I’m not sure if I like the (perceived) recent changes—including this newly created forum (and also /its/ spamming by default, sending a lot of “forums ads” to my mail box when I didn’t opt in), and general (perceived) bureaucracy; which might be to be expected when the Tor Project is funded by the government and you have money and power, while end-user’s small donations including mine are practically meaningless for you. This does not mean, however, I don’t like Tor as free (libre) software, as innovative technology, or its passionate, respectable developers.

If I delete my account, does my info, including the email address I used, is completely and permanently deleted from your database etc.? How long, if any, will you retain the info of a deleted account? Thank you very much.

I did not make any argument claiming such, so I will briefly remind you with a quote of our prior discussion.

As stated earlier, you will have to explain further: you left an open question; be clear and explicit with your claims.

I cannot answer that question for you, so wait until a moderator/administrator addresses it instead.

The answer is here: privacy#data-retention Everyone agreed to these rules when signing up.
In general, I prefer mailing lists to forums.

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