Where do I report malicious Tor-specific "bot" software?

So I stumbled upon a project which openly states that it is “botnet” type of software for use over Tor. I don’t want to post a link in public but I don’t want to ignore the find, either. Anyone in particular I should message about this so it can hopefully be taken down?

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I would alert anti-malware companies about it. Many have a website to submit malicious files. Uploading the compiled malware binary to virustotal.com will also tell you which anti-malware services currently do and don’t detect it.

I’m thinking the easiest way of stopping a botnet like this making anti-malware vendors aware of it to prevent computers from becoming infected by it in the first place, but if you found it online and it openly claims to be a botnet, I sort of doubt they don’t detect it already.

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