Where are the cached files?

Good morning, everyone,

I am trying to figure out where the tor browser saves the video files I watch via a site’s player. I can see the video while on the site but can’t find it in the cache. I have enabled parameters in about:config to force tor to save video files to disk but I can’t find them. I have looked in ~/.local/share/torbrowser/tbb/x86_64/tor-browser/Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Browser/Caches/profile.default/cache2 but I cannot find the indicated files (webm). Where exactly are they saved?

I’m using Tor Browser 13.0.13 on Debian Unstable.

Tor Browser is in PB Mode, it doesn’t use disk cache


So where do I find the file? I try to explain myself better: when I open a page to watch a video, a video player opens and loads the file. It starts with one piece at a time until it buffers the whole thing. When it is fully buffered, I can watch the video without interruption. Where is this file? Where is it saved? In RAM? Is there a way to save this file so that I can watch it later?
I’ve looked in config:cache but can’t find it in the links provided.
I hope it’s more clear now.

It’s not on the disk (clue: no disk cache) … it’s in memory only

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OK, thanks for the info. Can you answer these questions?

  • why can’t I find it anywhere in about:cache, neither in the disk section nor in the memory section?
  • do you know of any method that allows me to save the video file I’m watching without having to download it again?

The file is somewhere as tor allows me to watch it repeatedly without having to download it again: I would like to know where it is and how I can save it.

media cache is treated separately - IDK exactly what that means, but for example, video/audio and probably some other mimetypes use different sandboxed processes to isolate them from web content and for security reasons (RDD, RLBox, etc). These can and often rely on the platform’s decoders and GPU (since Mozilla can’t ship some codecs due to licensing). I am not a media or cache expert. If you want to know more, I suggest asking upstream

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OK, thanks anyway for your answers.