When is an update actually due?

I know you guys work off donations and time is tighter than ever due to the ever changing situation surrounding global covid, but we would have been on 10.5.10 for two months once we reach December 26th. Its full of vulnerabilities which puts us all at risk.

<GeKo> what is the plan for a new tba release?
<sysrqb> at this point, we won’t have a stable release until next month


A quarter of a year for one mobile update? Why does it take the best part of 3 months to do 1 mobile update whilst desktop has had about 4 updates already?

Hi @Nameless, I completely understand your frustration. We’re working on applying multiple Fenix (a.k.a. Firefox for Android) updates in succession, some of which I believe included significant changes. We’re hoping to have an Alpha out soon to test these changes ahead of a stable release in January.

On the other hand, Tor Browser for Desktop received several updates ahead of schedule due to the issues some Linux and Windows users were experiencing with Tor Browser 11 – which are not present in Tor Browser for Android.

Thanks for your patience!


Thank you for your response, it is much appreciated. Once the update is released will it look and function as the current version or will there be a big interface change?

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You’re welcome! No big interface changes this time around, except that the homepage will be back to it’s usual purple self after our Privacy is a Human Right campaign has ended :slight_smile:


Any idea when release is expected? Even for Alpha testers?

Hi @Catty! We should be on track for a January release (at least for Alpha) as per my last update, but let me check-in with the team next week to make sure.