When an exit node is no more?

Hi fellow torians.

This is most likely an amateurish question - yes I’m new to it so go easy on me - when my exit node ceases to be “flagged” as such by the whole world, after it was decommissioned by me/user?
Reason I ask is such that I stopped my node ~week ago but I still show up on: https://check.torproject.org/torbulkexitlist
which is probably WHY all the lazy fuckers still ban me.

many thanks, O.

There are countless exit node lists, private, from companies, on Github… Your IP can be in there for months or years.
It’s similar with whois database, your name & address is in there for years. :woozy_face:

Well, ~1hr later (perhaps only minutes), counting from my first post, somebody fixed it on our(tor) end, on that list I urled to - whoever you are do not be shy and tell what it was, how it worked so the rest of us amateurs could be wiser - and today(next day) I do get to access some sites, other sites I still cannot.
How much of coincidence it all is and if that exit list is relevant - I can only guess, but I’d certainly hope that whatever, in terms of lists/data, is published by Tor own community would be done with greatest care & attention.

many thanks, O.