What happened to TorBirdy and Tor Mail?


Why was TorBirdy and Tor Mail deprecated? Being able to send mail over the Tor network was a huge advancement, so why was it removed? Lack of resources? Bugs? DDoS attacks? I’m really curious about why they took it down.

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Because free software is developed by volunteers in their free time, there has to be someone doing it.
:nerd_face: Nobody has the time, desire or qualifications to work on it.

The safe option, however, is to always stay in the Tor network instead of using services via Tor exits. (Hidden Services)
In your case, try using the onion address for SMTP & IMAP and configure Thunderbird to use Tor. (SOCKS
Or use Tails, Whonix. The entire system is preconfigured via the Tor network.

I’ve looked it up on how to configure Thunderbird to work with Tor, and all articles point to TorBirdy.

How exactly do I do that? I’m pretty sure your reply would be rather useful for future users who may search up the same on the forums, so thanks!

I’ve been using Kmail and Mutt for over 25 years. But the settings in Thunderbird are the same as Firefox.

The .onion addresses can only be resolved within the Tor network.
You have to try out whether you need ‘Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5’.

Another way would be:
Maybe you can torify Thunderbird: $ torsocks [application]

I have a completely different configuration here to test my .onion addresses.
My Firefox is using Privoxy Web Proxy. Privoxy and Tor are chained with forward-overrides.

There’s a problem when I use the configuration mentioned.

The onion address is incorrect. mail. doesn’t belong there. Only:

Also the Socks Port might be wrong - when running on a system with Tor Browser it is 9150 by default. 9050 is only the default for tor stand-alone…

I changed the address this time and attempted the proxy config again, but it still yields the same result:

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