Webtunnel deployment on MacOS - standalone

Hi all,

I’m picking away at deploying webtunnel on Macos (10.15.7). Some of it is going alright, some of it is very tricky in the usual linux > darwin sort of way.

The key problem I’m having, as I’m not a Mac dev, is creating the launch daemon (.plist) from the parameters in the service unit file. @trinity-1686a suggested I look at the launch daemon for tor which was an inspired idea (ty) and helps with the conceptualisation, but would still require a crash course in launchd (the mac equivalent of systemd). It may come to that but, for now, I’m holding out a faint hope that someone with mad skills will notice this post and kindly drop a webtunnel plist here. ^-^

@gus wisely suggested the docker route. That bears another look, depite the fact that docker is a horrible resource pig on macos. At least it would get us around the whole launch daemon issue. I’ll let you know how it goes.